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Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Swann Keys is looking at opening the community pool on July 1st.The pool will be open 6 days per week with 3 sessions daily.

As you all know the entire BOD has been working since we were first installed on opening the pool safely and according to all guidelines.

Please read the 3 documents attached: 1.) SKCA Pool Update 2.) SKCA Pool Guidelines 3. SKCA Pool Waiver

Documents to download

The Ballot and information packet for the 2020/2021 Budget and Election of your Board of Directors for the coming year was mailed to all property owners on Friday, April 10.
The information in the packet tells each property owner that the ballot can be handed in to the election monitor on the morning of the annual meeting, May 16.
Because of the Covid 19 restrictions regarding no meetings of 10 or more and social distancing the annual meeting has been postponed.  The annual election of directors will take place as scheduled.  Therefore, this years’ ballot must be returned by mail only, in the envelope included in the packet and must be received by close of business May 15, 2020.


Please take a moment and review the information, vote for as many as 15 directors, and don’t miss the budget question.
There is plenty of time to complete the ballot and get it in the mail but don’t wait. Mail it as soon as you can so it doesn’t get forgotten.  Your vote is very important!
If you do not receive a ballot packet or if you have any questions, you may call the Swann Keys Office, 302-436-5111 or you may email the office:

We have engaged a professional engineer to analyze our system and offer recommendations for future improvements. He has in his possession the last six months repair activity and a list of questions that have been presented to the Board. We will experience water system problems intermittently, Sharp states our levels are not harmful to your health.

To assist owners in recovering from excessive iron in the water system we have established the follow recommended process.

You will be notified by email and the front board if we are aware or anticipating a problem. 

The iron will accumulate in your hot water heater. Turn off the circuit breaker to the hot water heater and let it empty. When water becomes cool turn off and allow to refill. Turn power back to tank.Turn on water and let run for five minutes. This should empty your internal pipes. The Maintenance dept will be emptying the outside lines at the same time.  

The Board apologies for any in hard ship this may cause. We are on a well system as is everyone else in lower Delaware. The iron enters our system at 11 parts million and exits the system at a range of .10 to .17.  Well below the industry standard of .30.When iron is in system it has to drain out.

We had a friendly visit from Sgt.Trimmer D.N.R.E.C. . He was concerned about resident dumping of yard waste in waterways and marshland adjacent to  Swann Keys property owners. There is a minimum $500.00 to $1,000.00 fine if you are cited. Yard waste may be disposed of at any Delaware Solid Waste facility.If the amount is small enough to be bagged you could put it in your trashcans for Monday pickup.

NEXTDOOR SWANN KEYS is a valuable site for general information exchange, however; everyone should realize that the ONLY OFFICIAL WEBSITE for Swann Keys is This site is not for discussing the BUSINESS of Swann Keys. Please use this site ONLY for: selling items; looking for an item; lost and found items; recommendations for workers, etc. 

Ronnie Young, President

37689 Swann Dr
Selbyville, DE 19975

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 9 AM - 2 PM
Please call 302-436-5111


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