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Monday, December 16, 2019

Swann Keys - Community Bulletin Board



Upcoming Events


Mondays - Yoga in Community Center
[4:00 PM - 5:00 PM]

Tuesdays - Dance in Community Center
[10:30AM - 11:30AM]

Wednesdays - Pickleball in Community Center
[9:30 AM - 11:30 AM]


Bunco in the Clubhouse - $2.00
Tuesday., 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Water Aerobics in the Pool - Free with your "FOB"
Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:00AM in the months of July and August

A Pool Party is planned for children before school


Texas Hold'em in the Clubhouse [Men & Women]
Mondays, 6:30 PM

Billiards in Clubhouse
Wednesdays, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Poker in the Clubhouse [Men]
Thursdays, 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

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A Message from the President - Summer 2019

Welcome to summer 2019! The Board has made an effort to make the Community safe, sound and attractive for the summer. Please notice the beautiful flowers and manicured Community lawns. The pool is open and ready for a cool splash in the afternoon.

As our population expands, please be aware of the number of children playing; balls are being thrown and children forget what they are doing. Signs have been donated requesting your patience while driving on Swann Keys roads. Our speed limit remains at 20 miles per hour.

The pool experienced significant usage on Memorial Day weekend. Owners will be allowed to use the pool for July 4th weekend. Dues were due July 1st. After July 4th weekend, only those owners who are current with their dues will have access to our facilities. Please remember, your electronic passes(FOBs) are yours and have been furnished for you and your house guest, not to be passed on to other owners or non residents. Pool Rules are posted on the pool deck, are on the Website/Documents and copies are available in the office. Please remember no child under 12 may be on the pool deck unless accompanied by an adult. The contracted pool company is not responsible for attending to unescorted children.

Additional items have been added to the playground. Through the generously of our neighbors, a swing for disabled children was added last month. We now offer tether ball and other sports activities. Mulch has been added to the swing area and the playground equipment has been power-washed. Replacement parts have been ordered for the shuffleboard and should be installed shortly. Use your pass to gain entrance to the equipment closet next to the Community Center. The Recreation Committee has been reviewing the internet to find a source for replacement for the Mini Golf Course. Reminder no bikes or skateboards should be in the playground area. NO DOGS/PETS ARE PERMITTED IN THE PLAYGROUND; SIGNS ARE POSTED!

The Water System is functioning properly at this time. Last month we replaced a salt tank and a check valve on the large pump. Recently, because of the iron smell and taste in the water, all streets were drained and this process will be done on a fixed schedule. Proposals are being prepared to request bids for an outside source to maintain and control our system. Anticipated repairs for the fall include reconditioning #2 Well; purchase of two dehumidifiers; painting the storage tank; booster motors for the storage tank; automatic switching from #3 Well to #2 Well during emergencies and replacement of the bladder tanks installed before the year 2000. In addition we also need a Plumbing Engineering Study to locate and design water usage from the storage tank as this is not the time of year to do any repairs or replacements. At the current time, we are pumping in excess of seventy five thousand gallons of water per day and all measurements are within the required reading for the State.

The Sewer System is functioning properly. You may notice the Welding Company working on the lift station hinges and cross bars. Once the weld breaks, the doors can become very loud. The large trucks continue to be the problem.

Please remember common courtesies: obey the speed limits, pick up after your dogs, keep trash in cans, grass clippings should not go in canals or your neighbor's property, golf carts may only be driven by licensed drivers, excess parking is in front of the playground. I have received calls on all of these items this month. Approved Rules & Regulations (June, 2017) have been recorded in Georgetown, DE. are on the Website/Documents (swann - copies are available in the office.

Thank you for your cooperation. Have a great summer!!!!!
George Kirkley, President

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