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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Swann Keys - Rules & Regulations


Revised: June 16, 2017 


IN 1995 [#1-#4-#7-#10] AND IN 2017 [#2-#3-#5-#6-#8-#9] AND RECORDED

WHEREAS, the lot owners of Swann Keys are members of the Swann Keys Civic Association (hereafter the "Association”); and  
WHEREAS, the Association pursued a class action suit in the Chancery Court of the State of Delaware which resulted in an ORDER AND FINAL JUDGMENT dated December 23, 1985 (hereafter the "ORDER"); and 
WHEREAS, the ORDER provides that the board of directors may recommend reasonable rules and regulations for the operation of Swann Keys subject to approval by a majority of the lot owners; and 
WHEREAS, the ORDER further provides that the Association’s directors and officers shall have the powers as may be permitted under its by-laws and as also may be exercised under Delaware law; and 
WHEREAS, the Association’s by-laws provide that the board may recommend reasonable rules and regulations and to establish penalties for infractions; and 
WHEREAS, the board has considered and is recommending the adoption by the lot owners of Swann Keys of the following rules and regulations for the best interests of the community as detailed below: 


  1. No vehicle or portion of such vehicle shall be parked on the hard surface of any road in the Community or Common Areas that have been designated as no parking zones, with the exception of Service Vehicles.
  2. No vehicle of any kind that is not permitted on Delaware State highways shall be allowed to operate on Swann Keys roads or Common Areas. Golf carts will be the only exception and will be allowed to operate on Swann Keys roads. All drivers of any vehicle, including golf carts, must hold a valid state driver's license.
  3. No unleashed pet/s shall be walked on the roads or common areas of Swann Keys. No pet/s (leashed or unleashed), while being walked, shall be allowed on property developed or undeveloped unless permitted by the owner. The walker of said (leashed or unleashed) pet/s shall be prepared to clean up after and remove any waste. No pets (leashed or unleashed) shall be allowed in the playground area.
  4. The speed limit on all roads in Swann Keys shall not exceed 20 MPH.
  5. No loud music or other noises shall be allowed before 8:00 A.M. or after 11:00 P.M. [including construction, lawn mowing, etc.] sufficient to disturb other lot owners.
  6. No dumping or throwing of any materials will be allowed in the lagoons or any other areas in the Community. No obstacles, with the exception of boats/jet ski lifts, can be placed and/or left in the channel of the lagoons.
  7. No peddling or soliciting shall be permitted in the Swann Keys Community.
  8. No weapons of any type and/or devices of any type,[including, but not limited to air guns, BB guns, bow and arrows, fireworks, drones, etc.], are allowed in the Swann Keys common areas.
  9. No tents, recreational vehicles, trailers or other outside accommodations shall be allowed to be occupied on any community common property. 
  10. Lot owners are responsible for the actions of themselves, renters, children and guests. 



The Board of Directors of the Association has the responsibility to issue warnings and notice of intent to impose fines/or restrictions on these Rules and Regulations. After the required notification is given, no additional warnings will be issued. Intention to impose a fine and/ or restriction, after Board determination, will be delivered to the lot owner by Certified Mail/Return Receipt requested to the address of record of the lot owner. 
Mailing of the same shall constitute delivery and legal notice to the lot owner. Failure of the lot owner to request a hearing with the Board within ten [10] calendar days of the mailing of the notice shall constitute an admission by the lot owner of violation of the Rule and Regulation. The Board, ten (10) calendar days before its next regular meeting, shall notify the lot owner of his/her opportunity to speak at the next regular meeting. Following the Board’s determination, the Secretary of the Board shall deliver notice of the decision to the lot owner by Certified mail. Failure to respond within ten (10) days of mailing shall entitle the Association to take appropriate action. 
Prepared by: By-Laws Committee 2016/2017 Approved by a 51% [304] Lot Owners in March 2017 and results announced May 2017 

George T. Kirkley, President
Swann Keys Civic Association, Inc.


37689 Swann Dr
Selbyville, DE 19975
(302) 436-5111 - Office
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