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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Help Keep our Canals Clean

Help Keep our Canals and Waterways Clean 

Things you can do to help keep our canals and waterways clean:

1.  Mow grass away from the canals.   Do not blow or sweep grass clipping or debris into canals. 

2.  Fix failing bulkheads to minimize the amount of silt going into the water.

3.  Keep toxic pesticides and fertilizers away from the water.  Do not fertilize in the spring or before a rain.

4.  Do not throw ANYTHING into the canals.  That includes food waste, fish cleaning scraps and especially PET WASTE.

    Pet waste as it decomposes releases the bacterial in it and uses up oxygen which is harmful to aquatic life.

5.  Use biodegradable soaps to clean your boat, such as Dawn blue dish detergent or soap specially made for that purpose.

Do not swim in our Canals.  Swim at the Beach or the Pool!  

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